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Final note: a little bit of everything
Posted May 18, 2007

Tom Anderson
Editor in Chief

Well folks, it’s finally here. The day you’ve either been dreading or looking forward to: It’s the day you read my last bit of work to appear in our little (multiple-award-winning) newspaper.

So how will I be ending this chapter of my life? Um, with a little bit of everything, actually. Consider it a tying up of the many loose ends left in my scholastic career, which may or may not resume later on.

Inside this issue, you’ll find the second and final installment of MotoReport, the publication that was written for my senior project. While there were definitely a few moments of hair pulling and wanting to smash my head through a wall, particularly since I was working on this on top of my other responsibilities, I think things went pretty smoothly overall.

I hope you’ll agree the final product reflects that.

I also hope that the post-collegiate dating world has fewer dead ends and disappointments than the dating world your far-from-hunky author is marooned in now.

Since all the women I’ve had an interest in during my time here are either seeing someone else, not interested in a relationship, will be moving away in the near term or some confounding combination of the three, this tomcat’s lifetime girlfriend tally will remain at a big, fat goose egg.

I know, none of you could care less if you tried, but I guess I’m just disappointed that young women these days don’t seem to be attracted to quiet, old-fashioned and loyal yet also, admittedly, geeky and short-on-hotness guys like myself. But you can’t have it all.

Anyhow, as you’ve probably read elsewhere in this issue, the parking situation here at ULV looks set to go from “appalling” to “Ninth Circle of Hell” when those of you who aren’t graduating return in the fall.

Now I could gloat about how I am among the lucky ones graduating next week, but instead I’ll offer something a little more meaningful: The parking committee has brought this impending catastrophe upon the community with its long history of harebrained and ill-advised quick fixes.

Among these quick fixes was the decision made over last summer (when no one was around, naturally) to shuffle around the areas where ULV students, staff and faculty could and could not legally park.

To the city official who came up with the idea for this poorly-disguised revenuing scheme: I sincerely hope that one day, while you’re getting into your car, a flock of birds in which each member has a horrendous case of diarrhea will pass overhead.

A karma-induced carpet-bombing, if you will.

Speaking of next semester, those of you coming back can look forward to this publication being led by current LV Life Editor Marilee Lorusso. While this past semester was only her first as an editor, she definitely has a nose for news and exceptional people skills.

I have every reason to believe that under her leadership this paper will continue to bring you not only the news and information you want to read about, but also the news and information you need to read about.

And that brings me to my final and arguably most important point.

With all the pseudo-journalists, spin doctors, irate bloggers living in their moms’ basements and other merchants of misinformation out there, it’s getting harder and harder for people to get the straight facts of anything.

This is truly unfortunate, because it means that civilians now have to do more research on their own before they can draw their own conclusions about an issue.

My advice to you: Make sure your personal B.S. detectors are always armed and ready.

Thanks again to everyone who has inspired me and supported me along this journey, and remember the future is in your hands.

Tom Anderson, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. He can be reached by e-mail at tanderson1@ulv.edu.