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Living with my Maltese family
Posted April 11, 2008

Galo Pesantes
Editor in Chief

One of the first things I am asked when someone visits my house is: “Why do you have so many dogs?”

Sometimes I find myself asking the same question.

The answer is rather simple though. It all began with a little puppy named Roxy my little sister got when she was 12, after wanting a dog for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, Roxy got sick one day and the next morning she died. My mother felt bad for my sister so she decided to get her two more dogs, a male and female, both Maltese.

For those who don’t know dogs, Malteses are a small breed of white dogs that are originally from the Italian island of Malta, hence the name. They are known to be very smart and loyal companions to their owners, in addition to being good guard dogs overall. Back in Roman times, Maltese dogs were used as alarms when they barked to signal noises or potential disturbances at night (really, I’m not making this stuff up).

Either way, we ended up naming the two dogs Sammy and Sasha (I had no part in the naming process). They were only about two months old when we got them, which made them easier to love and grow with.

Eventually they got bigger, like all dogs do, and we tried to stop them from the biggest fear of all: reproduction.

I mean I have a pretty loving family, but we had our hands full with two dogs already, so we didn’t need to add to the mix. However it happened one day out of nowhere and Sasha was pregnant. The next couple months seemed like it was more stressful on my mother then on Sasha, because she worried about her health and labor.

Everything ended up going pretty smoothly. She ended up having three puppies, two females and one male. The whole time during the labor was exciting, nerve-wrecking and a little gross all at the same time. I mean when they just come out they look like little rats. Eventually, they started to show some shape and became little pups. We named the two girls, Scarlett and Pearl and the boy, Winston. Although, we ended up giving Winston to another family, we still have Scarlett and Pearl.

With four dogs in the house, it’s tough sometimes. My sister, mother, aunt and I usually have to rotate walking the dogs, taking care of them and playing with them.

When we first got the dogs, my favorite was Sammy. He is a ball of life every time you play with him and he’ll tire you out because he is so quick.

Sasha is still my mom’s favorite because they are close and connected especially since they are both mothers of three.

My sisters both love Sammy a lot too. But I have to say the crème of the crop has to be Scarlett. She is the smartest, biggest and most active of all the dogs. She’s really the one that you can play hours outside with or come inside and lay on the couch with her for a while. Also her looks are what attract you to her the most. Her face and eyes are very inviting and she’s always looking and watching you when she is around. It definitely is fun to see her when I come home and to play with her when I’m outside.

Still, my mother has been trying to sell Pearl and Scarlett away for the longest time but now it seems like we are stuck with them. Everyone is attached, one way or another. We will argue and contemplate long and hard but we’ll never get the guts to finally go ahead and do it.

So I guess we are stuck for now but I don’t mind. Even if they are not typical “manly” dogs like pitbulls or golden retrievers, they certainly make up for it with their loyalty and intelligence. So in the end, I am happy to have them. After all, it’s not like everyone can say that they have their very own Maltese family in their home.

Galo Pesantes, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus
Times. He can be reached by e-mail at gpesantes@ulv.edu.