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We want to hear from you
Posted April 18, 2008

Galo Pesantes
Editor in Chief

Since taking over the editor in chief position of this newspaper, I have been looking for that groundbreaking idea to take this publication to the next level. The Campus Times has had the tradition of being the source for everything going on in or around campus since its inception in 1919. Most weeks we do a great job of this – but we could do better. There are times when we fall short of providing our best and for this I am the first to apologize for that on behalf of all the great editors and staff members I work with.

With all remorse aside, we can only do better if we have your help.

A lot of times we were missing potential stories of things going on campus or people we should highlight or events that we never knew about. There are so many different items in every issue that we hear about too late and are unable to cover. I would not just hear this in our editorial meetings but in other classes as well. All staff members hear about events or special speakers after the fact.

We need you, the readers, to tell us what’s going on in La Verne and what you want to read about.

This is where you’re probably saying, “But it’s supposed to be your job to find out what’s going on!”

That’s true, but it works both ways. There are things that happen but word does not get out sometimes and when it does, it’s often over. Other times we want to fit our stories to be of interest to everyone who picks up the paper on Friday. But, I can’t tell you how many times we find ourselves brainstorming ideas for stories and come up short on fitting the general interest of you, our readers.

I understand we all have things going on but we want to be the source for all things in or around La Verne. Whether it is doing a story on your friend’s band, a professor’s project or even a charitable event you know about, we want to report on these things if they are interesting to you.

By the same token, we have been publishing a weekly political series on the upcoming presidential election. If you believe we are doing too much of this or not enough, we would like to know. There could be other issues in our nation and our world that we can investigate and doing in-depth reporting if it sparks your interest as well.

The point of all this is an invitation to everyone reading the newspaper. I encourage all of you to submit ideas, suggestions or information for possible stories. Keep in mind, we plan two weeks ahead when we begin the reporting process for our stories. That means as soon as you knowsomething is going to happen, we need to know quickly.

To do this, I am strongly emphasizing that all of you e-mail the information to ctimes@ulv.edu, the Campus Times general e-mail address, or call us and leave a message at 909-593-3511, ext. 4290. If that does not work, e-mail me at the address found below and I will put those ideas along with the others received and determine what will be covered. Also, please provide possible contact information like names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of those involved in the proposed story to make the reporting possible.

I cannot guarantee every idea sent will be covered but I can promise we will seriously consider all proposals.

Lastly, I don’t want to make this a “please help us, we’ll help you” type of thing. It is a matter of trying to bring you the best reporting and up-to-date news with the most interesting topics and events covered. I believe we at the Campus Times can set a good infrastructure for years to come and most importantly provide you with the best newspaper possible.

Galo Pesantes, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus
Times. He can be reached by e-mail at gpesantes@ulv.edu.