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A thank you to all
Posted May16, 2008

Galo Pesantes
Editor in Chief

It’s funny how in a short amount of time, everything will be over. I know my college days have zoomed by me. Since the beginning of this year, I have loved every moment with my classmates, professors and friends I have had here at La Verne.

I know it’s the cliché thing to thank everyone but I truly believe it’s the right thing to do. So bear with me and if I do not mention you, just know it was nothing against how much you have meant to me. First, God has blessed me with all my family, friends and others in my life. But I do have to recognize individually the work of the entire staff of writers and editors I have worked with. Particularly, I want to thank the editors because I know how hard they work to put out the best newspaper every week.

It seems like a special bond forms when you become an editor and join a close-knit group. We have all become sort of a family. I would like to personally acknowledge these 11 editors who have been “clutch” since day one. To Marilee, thank you for returning to do sports when you didn’t need to and always being the best senior project partner. I know we have had our ups-and-downs this year but I cannot tell you how much I respect and trust your abilities and talents not to mention your willingness to succeed. Our incognito editorial director also known as Andres Rivera. I appreciate all the help and input in everything we did on newspaper SPJ (this includes the Arizona adventure), etc. I am grateful that we became such good friends and hope it continues. To the next editor in chief, Erin, I know I’ll miss your bright, bubbly personality you brought to class every day. I have total confidence in you for next semester and I appreciate all the times you helped me out when things ran late. Francine, you locked down the news section like no other, I thank you for that. Your calm, confident demeanor rubbed off on the rest of us and you always took on the tough stories, which inspired everyone else.

Madison “that’s why she’s the managing editor” Steff, you know how fun it was working with you. Thanks for bringing your smarts, flavor and spunk to the paper. Jen “Ohhhh” Kitzmann, thanks for your vibrant character.

You worked your way back to ULV and I know you will make it, don’t give up. Jen Gilderman, one of the friendliest people I know, thanks for your best efforts. You always brought up the morale and fun during production.

To the Web editors, Sher and Susan, I am grateful for you guys doing a long, arduous task every Thursday night. I know you will continue to make an impact if you continue on staff. To Danielle and Matt Hill, thanks for being a part of this for so long and your contributions every week. Matt Loriso and Jerrica Morales, thanks for the ads all spring.

Thanks to Rhiannon Mim, the photography editor for the past two semesters for sticking it out and the entire photo staff this year. You all have been over worked and underappreciated but I am grateful for all your efforts.

Advisers Elizabeth Zwerling and Gary Colby, I am forever grateful for all your help and guidance. I know I can count on both of you if I ever need anything. Eric Borer, I believe you never get credit for the amount of work you do. I appreciate you always being there with eagerness to help everyone; I don’t know how we could do CT without you.

George, Don, Mike, Maia, Randy, Shane, Janice and the entire communications department, you all have taught me so much and I know how much you guys care about students. To the entire football team, readers in addition to all the friends and experiences I have had at ULV, I will miss you all and never forget where I came from just four short years ago.

Galo Pesantes, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. He can be reached by e-mail at gpesantes@ulv.edu.