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Stagecoach event ends in misfortune
Posted May 9, 2008

Madison Steff
News Editor

Last weekend had the potential to be one of the best weekends of my life. One of my friends works with a woman who won tickets to Stagecoach, a three-day country music event held in Indio, and didn’t want to go.

I had been dying to go so my friend and I gave the woman a few bucks and I couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat and I honestly had butterflies for days.

Not only was I going to hear some of my favorite musicians, I was going to scope out thousands of potential cowboys. Come on now how much more excited could I possibly be?

Well the day before we left my friend decided to bail. Lucky for me I had a few other friends going, so it wasn’t really an issue.

We arrived at our hotel, checked-in and headed to the concert. I was decked out in overalls and boots and was ready for a weekend full of fun.
I must have been a little too excited because I forgot to put on socks and my feet were about to pay the price.

If you know anything about boots, you know that you do not dare wear them without socks.

The concert was amazing and I didn’t realize the damage to my poor little toes until I woke up the next morning. I had about four blisters on each foot and could barely walk.

My friends and I bought some Band-Aids and gauze and attempted to play podiatrist. I managed to get my boots back on (this time with socks of course) and took off for another day of excitement.

My boots didn’t last more than 20 minutes but that was about to be the least of my worries. I wandered around barefoot all day and headed over to one of the booths to say hi to an old cowboy friend of mine.

As I approached the booth, a few gals decided to start calling me names and apparently wanted to scuffle.

I’m a lover not a fighter, so I smiled a big Copenhagen grin in their direction but they didn’t seem to like it very much and approached me with some more hateful phrases.

My cowboy friend grabbed me by the arm and led me away from the grouchy gals.

Not even 10 minutes later my cell phone started going off and my ex-boyfriend decided to tell me how worthless I was via text message.

I was feeling pretty down at this point in time and spent the remainder of the concert in the beer garden crying to a 45-year-old security guard.

The night came to an end and I said goodbye to my security guard and met back up with my friends. We headed toward the parking lot, unlocked the door and hopped in ready for our long drive home.

Well it was then that I realized that I had been robbed. Someone had broken into my car and stolen two purses and a backpack.

My potentially great weekend had resulted in a bloody blister, bratty broads, bull from an ex-boyfriend and a burglary.

I have spent the past few days calling credit card companies, my bank and the Indio police.

Now I think I need a little downtime, so today I am going to pick up a new fishing license and head out to Parker, Ariz. for a mellow weekend of family and fishing. I need it.

Madison Steff, a senior communications major, is managing editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at msteff@ulv.edu.