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Finding a job is a job in itself
Posted March 14, 2008

Marilee Lorusso
Sports Editor

In my last column, I talked about my goals after graduation. No. 4 on that list is the task of finding a job.

When I have free time, I am constantly scouring the Internet searching for job postings.

The interesting thing is I did not know what I wanted to pursue a career in until the beginning of the school year when I was inspired (OK, honestly, I was scared straight) by a professor in the communications department.

It wasn’t until our conversation that I actually figured out what I wanted to do. All I needed was to figure out that magical combination that puts a smile on my face: sports, marketing and community relations.

Now I know it will be hard to find a job that actually allows me to combine all of my interests, but I have to say that this trio seems to be working for me so far. My internships have given me many experiences, connections and most importantly, putting my name out there.

But my greatest fear, with graduation and the real world looming around the corner, is of being an intern forever or not even finding a job. I don’t want all of my endeavors to just turn into a list of things I did in the past on my resume. I know that it is up to me to find a job and go after it, but my concern is getting my foot in the door.

Every day I check my e-mail to see if my inbox has been hit with postings from Major League Baseball, the NHL and other related organizations.

There are so many job descriptions that are appealing, and I hope to be able to fill the position.

However, with many opportunities comes failure too. While going through the process of finding an internship, there were times where positions were too good to be true, and they in fact were, as I got the disappointing phone call or e-mail that I didn’t get them.

I know that in this job search process, there will be a lot of disappointments with all of the excitement. Finding a job after graduation has become a task and a job in itself.

With my internships, as I mentioned previously, I hope that job opportunities will arise, but I also know that I am not guaranteed anything. That is why I am going through the job search process now and working on a plan b, c, d, e…You get the point.

The tasks I do at my internships, though they are tedious sometimes and I wonder why they have to be done, are important to me and they solidify the reasons why I want to go into the world of sports.

I love having the opportunities at the internships I have now, but I do have to admit that I am getting to the point where I am tired of being an intern.

I feel like I am ready to move on and get a real job.

I know that I am very fortunate to be where I am, and I am excited tocontinue learning and gaining new experiences for the rest of the semester, but I am also looking forward to the future and the possible job opportunities out there.

There are so many people who will always want the jobs that I want.

There are a lot of people who may be more qualified than I am. I know that there will be times when someone else gets the job over me because it has already happened.

I am not going to let that stop me, though, because I plan to have my dream job.

Marilee Lorusso, a senior journalism major, is sports editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at .