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Photo staff completed my college experience
Posted May 9, 2008

Rhiannon Mim
Photography Editor

Two and half years have passed since I first joined the photography staff at the University of La Verne. My freshman year seems like a far off memory.

After photographing for the Campus Times those first few weeks, I felt confident and looked forward to each new assignment. Photo staff has placed me in situations and events where I normally wouldn’t have found myself.

Through the Campus Times and La Verne Magazine I have created tens of thousands of images which will be kept in ULV’s archives for many years to come. There is a huge cardboard box in my room that has every issue of the Campus Times over the past five semesters.

I still remember the first issue with my first published photograph, which was from a theater production for a directing thesis. I was so proud and showed everyone I knew.

That feeling of excitement is something I still feel every Friday when the newest issue is available. I rush to the closest newspaper stand and skim the newspaper for my photo.

During my first semester I received my favorite assignment: a live concert. It just wasn’t any old CAB sponsored event. (No offense, I do love the bands that come through.) Instead Cal Poly Pomona sent over press passes to a Yellowcard concert they were having in the gym.
Yellowcard? Really? I was ecstatic. They had been one of my favorite bands for over eight years.

The press pass enabled me to stand in the photo pit right by the stage, one of the coolest experiences I have yet to encounter.

This year I had the amazing opportunity to become the photography editor, a position I held with the utmost pride. For two semesters I had the privilege to work with the most dedicated photo staffers I have ever met.

It was this staff that made my job easy since they were always so eager to get their assignments. If only people could sit in our Wednesday four-hour lab session as we make calls to reporters, publicists and even Angel Stadium to get whatever information we need for captions.

Photo staff has the hardest and most dedicated workers anyone could ever meet.

We’ve taken last minute assignments and even created some of our own.

But I would like to thank all the staffers, past and present, for helping me as I learned the ropes and those who made my editor job a breeze.

When I first entered college, I felt distant from all those I went to school with and even the campus itself.

I am a commuter and I would just come to my classes and go home. I really never had any friends at ULV and being a part of the Campus Times filled in what I thought that I was missing.

The communications and photography departments are awesome places with all sorts of people.

My experiences have given me a handful of friends with the best personalities. I finally feel at home at the University of La Verne, and for that I thank the Campus Times and all those involved.

I am sure going to miss the deadlines and the assignments, but I wouldn’t take back any of these awesome experiences that have helped to prepare me for whatever life throws my way.

Rhiannon Mim, a junior journalism major, is photography editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at rmim@ulv.edu.