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Life without money is no life at all

Posted May 2, 2008

Sher Porter
Web Editor

I am living the college life. I am broke! My bank account reads $0. It is not cool.

I had been doing well paying my bills while still keeping money in my account. It has not really been a problem for me. I paid my phone bill, my credit card minimum balance and still had some money left in my checking account to have fun with.

Now I am tapped out.

This is what happened: I took a trip to New Orleans earlier this month for the V-Day celebration. Before I went I checked my account to see if I had enough money to have fun on the trip. When I checked, it was good so I was ready to have fun.

I bought a couple of souvenirs, most of them for my friends, and the rest of my money went toward food and our hotel fee. Tax in New Orleans is expensive. That tax was the enemy of all of us.

I did not see it as a huge problem because I thought I had enough money in my account.

Then I went to an ATM to retrieve some cash and saw a new negative balance in my account.

I panicked and called my bank. I thought my account had been tampered with.

I talked to one of the tellers who explained to me what happened. All I could really say was “oops.”

Apparently before I left I had written a check that was not charged to my account until after I had checked my balance.

I had no idea I was spending more than I had, until the last day we were there. That was not a happy moment.

Fortunately someone loaned me the money to take me out of the negative and the gray hairs in my head could stop growing. Now all I have left for monetary uses is my credit card which is not a good thing. I am already short on cash. I do not need debt on top of that.

I do have a job on campus as part of work study. I am glad I have it because it helps me pay for the things I need, but when the school year is over, so are those work study checks.

I need a job.

This summer I will be living on campus as a Summer Housing Assistant, so hopefully while doing that I can find a job to work at. There are a lot of places around campus where I can apply for work.

At home I am literally in the middle of nowhere. There are no stores or shops for miles. Finding a job out there would be a little more difficult than finding one out here.

Plus I have no car, so my range in job locations are drastically limited. I will not give up hope.

I am asking you my dear and faithful readers of the Campus Times, if you know of any job offers in the La Verne or Rialto/Fontana area and have any ideas about where I could work, I would appreciate it. I am not afraid of hard work.

Until then, I am just going to limit my spending for a while which is not hard for me because the only time I spend money is when I go out with friends.

It is just knowing that I cannot put money on my laundry card, I cannot buy from the vending machine and I cannot do the little things I need or want to do.

If you know about any jobs, please let me know. Otherwise, I am living the broke life.

Overall, do I regret going to New Orleans? No. It was still one of the greatest experiences I have ever had.

Sher Porter, a sophomore journalism major, is Web editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at sporter4@ulv.edu