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Let’s do our part and vote

Posted Feb. 15, 2008

Susan Acker
Web Editor

In less than one year the United States will have a new president. For many Americans that day cannot come soon enough.

I have mixed feelings.

I will admit it; I was a Bush supporter, a Republican to the core. I had no doubt that he would live up to my expectations and get our country out of the mess that he promised he would.

Bush had my vote in 2004.

To tell the truth, I now believe that was wishful thinking.
We are still in Iraq and 2007 was reportedly the deadliest year for American soldiers fighting in Iraq.

There were so many things like the war in Iraq that could have been handled in a better way.

The light bulb went on a couple of weeks ago when I told my uncle that I felt sorry for Bush because he is criticized so much.

My uncle pointed out that no one should have to feel sorry for the President of the United States.

I realized he was right and finally admitted to myself that I feel let down and disillusioned. I am tired of making excuses and trying to justify the things Bush says and does.

I respect Bush because he is still the president, but I am disappointed.
With Bush’s presidency in its final countdown, one of the most historical presidential races is gearing up.

We not only have a black man running, but a woman running as well. And left and right, possible candidates are dropping out.

I am excited about this election. It is an opportunity to vote and make my voice heard and a way to be a part of something historical.

My first voting opportunity was the presidential election in 2004.
Now that this is my second presidential election I want to use my vote carefully and really do my homework.

Also known as Super Tuesday, Feb. 5, was the big day for California and the new race is getting more unpredictable by the minute.

All of the candidates are going to have to work hard to prove that they are the best people for the job.

What are they going to do about Iraq if elected? What about immigration? The economy?

There is always the possibility of failure.

I voted for Bush and truly believed that was the right decision.

No matter how much faith one has in a candidate and what their track record has been, once elected president, things can change.

All we can do is research the issues, and the candidates, then make an educated vote and hope that they follow through on what they say they are going to do once in office.

Above all, the most important thing we can do is vote.

So many times I have talked to my friends and others my age and they say things like “My vote does not count,” “I do not like any of the candidates,” or “I do not really care.”

Just keep in mind that we live in a country that values our voice and everyone has the opportunity to make a difference.

Susan Acker, a senior journalism major, is Web editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at sacker@ulv.edu.