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I just might be the next American Idol
Posted April 3, 2009

If you know me, you know I love to sing. It is not a secret. I probably sing more than babies are born. I can’t help myself, I love music and nothing else.

I sing in any place, at any time. I sing Disney songs in the shower. I sing N’Sync songs at rock paintings. I sing Anita Baker while walking down the street to Foothill Boulevard. I sing Stevie Wonder walking down the street to Bonita Avenue.

I sing Celine Dion songs when I am mad. I sing Muse when I am happy.

Now I started singing Chris Brown songs just to annoy my sister or any former Brown fans I come in contact with.

And if I am not singing physically, I can assure you a song is ringing in my head.

I do not know if I sing in my sleep. I probably should record myself one night just to find out. I do sleep listening to the radio and when I wake up, I am singing random songs. Maybe there is a correlation.

I like many types of music.

I do not listen to all kinds of music. I probably have a more wide range of favorites than people do. The only music I listen to less is things like heavy metal and some hip-hop. The reason for it is because I love singing so much, any absence of it would kill me.

This past weekend I visited my Mom and sister to hang out. On Sunday we headed over to my godmother’s house to visit. While we were watching TV, “Purple Rain” came on and I started singing “I Would Die 4 U.”

Then I heard my godsister say something in the kitchen.

“You’re still singing, I see that hasn’t changed.” Everyone started laughing except for me.

Asking me not to sing would be asking me to rip my heart out and throw it in the garbage disposal. This description may be a little graphic, but I hope everyone feels my passion. As a little kid, I always loved singing.

My dad made a family video when I was six and you best believe I gave my best Michael Jackson at every chance I received. When I saw that red light come on, it was time for me to sing and dance my heart out.

If only Quincy Jones was there. You would probably never heard of Tevin Campbell.

Here at the University, I had time to flex the big pipes quite a few times.

I was a member of the University Chorale for two years and I had a blast.

My favorite Campus Activities Board event has always been Karaoke night and I thank CAB for keeping the event steady every semester since it started.

Last week fellow editor Sher Porter and I gave our best Peaches and Herb duet when we sang TLC’s “Waterfalls” during Karaoke night. It was fun, as fun as a song about gang violence and HIV can get. It was nice to get the crowd involved and singing along.

Also, recently I got to sing Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” at the Mr. and Ms. International competition. I do not know why I sang the song. I just remember looking in the mirror and saying ‘Hmm.’

Whenever I leaved the University, singing will never change for me. Also I can assure everyone I am not trying out for American Idol anytime soon. Or maybe…

Jonathan Smith, a senior journalism major, is copy editor of the Campus Times. He can be reached by e-mail at jonathan.smith@laverne.edu.