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Fear of graduation and economy
Posted Feb. 27, 2009

Figuring out who you are and finding your identity is already hard to deal with.

But trying to figure out what you are going to do when you graduate college, and how you are going to pay off all the debt you accumulated from loans to help pay for that college degree, which you do not know how you are going to use it in your life, makes it all the worse.

Also, many might face the fear of the intense competition for jobs, especially in this tough economy.

I share these fears and many more other thoughts with many college students trying to work a full time job and also go to school at the same time.

I feel once I finish my bachelor’s degree, I will face the great competition of looking for a job.

The economy is leaving many college students scared for their careers, including myself.

It makes me think if they are laying off longtime workers from large companies, there may be no jobs for us when we graduate.

The intense competition makes me also wonder if it might be better to continue my education and receive a master’s degree, so that I will be better prepared to face this competition.

Now days it feels like having a bachelor’s degree is nothing more than having a high school diploma.

But do not get me wrong, having bachelor’s degree is a major accomplishment.

But now there is just so much competition, one must figure out other ways to get ahead.

Competition in the career world makes me more inclined to really figure out what I want to do after I graduate.

Yes, we all major in a specific subject or study, but some of us end up in totally opposite fields.

I feel passionate about journalism and have the dream of working for a well-known magazine.

However, the journalism jobs out there are very scarce, making me more prone to look for a career in a different field.

And this might be the same for many other college students.

There is no time to feel confused about what we want to do. I must be on the look out for a job when I graduate.

In these tough economic times, now is not the time to be picky about a job.

But then I begin to think that I went to college for a reason so that I could have more choices in my life and my future career.

Not only do I face career competition, I also face the pain of paying off those dreadful loans.

There are times where I just want to not even think about those student loans

I make myself think I owe a lot of money, so when it is time to pay off the loans, I will not feel so bad if the amount of money I really owe is lower than the what I thought.

It scares me that I have debt at such a young age.

But then I look at the bright side, the loans help pay for something so valuable: my education.

Large companies and the government can foreclose my home and take away my job, but no one can take away my education.

All I can do right now is hope for the best and hope that the times get better.

Natalie Veissalov, a sophomore journalism major, is news editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at natalie.veissalov@laverne.edu.