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Event attendance needs to rise

Posted April 17, 2009

Is it just me, or does it seem like campus involvement is declining? When I first came to the University, I would always see people at events.

There would always be people at the dances, residence hall events and movie nights.

The events never seemed empty.

Now, I am happy when five people show up sometimes.

The Campus Activities Board, Residence Hall Association and other clubs on campus host a variety of fun and interesting events.

Some events do attract a lot of people. Comedians tend to bring a big audience and game nights bring a good group depending on the night and of course intramurals brings everyone.

There are more events on campus than just those.

I try to go to as many as I can, thinking there will be a lot of people. Sometimes when I go, the only people there are the CAB chairs.

Honestly, we pay to have these events put on, so that is one reason why we should go.

Another reason is that these clubs put a great deal of work to host these events.

They have to buy decorations, advertise and create the idea.

They are taking out time from there school work to provide fun for everyone on campus.

That is not always easy.

They should be rewarded with student participation, because that is why they are putting the event on.

They have great ideas and the events are generally fun when I go, but I just more people could experience the enjoyment.

Another issue I have is with student leadership.

There is not a lack of it, just a lack of diversity within it.

Sometimes looking at the different clubs and organizations on campus, the same five people hold five different E-Board positions.

I must admit to being guilty of that.

It is also a problem of more students not stepping up to the plate and applying for more things.

I know several people on campus who would be great holding E-Board or chair positions.

Unfortunately, they do not apply for anything.

It upsets me because I think they would be great assets to making this campus better.

Also, it would shake up the structure. There would be more involvement, different points of view represented and more diversity within the system.

It is no longer the same five voices talking.

Now, there would be 10 or more.

Students just need to believe in their own abilities and know what they can do and go out there to do it.

It is a great experience that can be treasured for a lifetime.

I know I will.

Sadly, application season is almost over but most clubs and organizations still have not elected their new E-Board for next year.

Also, the events are not done for this year.

There are still movie nights, game nights and more that should be fun.

Please help to bring life back to this campus.

Sher Porter, a junior journalism major, is LV Life editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at sherrice.porter@laverne.edu.