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Susan Acker:
Closing a chapter

Susan Acker archives

Diane Scott:
Big fuss over a little puppy

Diane Scott archives

Mark Vidal:
America's worst paying jobs

Mark Vidal archives

Kevin Garrity:
Who does it really hurt?

Kevin Garrity archives

Samantha Sincock:
The homeless are still human

Samantha Sincock archives

Jonathan Smith:
I just might be the next American Idol

Jonathan Smith archives

Michael Escañuelas:
I'm scared out of my wits

Michael Escañuelas archives

Sher Porter:
Domestic abuse is not OK

Sher Porter archives

Natalie Veissalov:
Everyone should travel the world

Natalie Veissalov archives

Sher Porter archives

I don't want to leave school yet 5/08/09

Event attendance needs to rise 4/17/09

Domestic abuse is not OK 3/13/09

Praying for motivation 2/13/09

Life without money is no life at all 5/2/08

Makes me want to pull my hair out 4/4/08

V-Day shows offer inspiration 3/14/08

A new year brings inner growth 2/15/08

Old school cartoons ruled the tube 11/16/07

Hear my voice: Please fix the dorms 10/19/07

Spending too much time at the clubs 9/28/07

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