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Posted May 1, 2009

La Verne City Councilman Steven Johnson will go on trial May 11 on a conflict of interest charge over a vote he cast in 2007 regarding the expansion of the University of La Verne.

The trial holds one misdemeanor count of conflict of interest against Johnson.

Johnson, a ULV graduate who owns both a business and residential property within 500 feet of the University, cast a vote in January 2007 for the University’s Master Plan.

Johnson, who was reached by email, declined to comment on the charge and pending trial.

“Even more of a conflict was his rental property,” Richard McKee, a member of the city’s Planning Commis­sion and former president of California First Amendment Coalition, said. “It was a rather arrogant decision,” he added.

The Master Plan will add 50,000 sq. feet of building area, dormitories, parking lots, and it will either remodel or tear down 12 existing buildings, according to the January 16, 2007 La Verne city council meeting minutes.

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