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Grade inflation a concern

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   • Fears ease in wake of
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Ceremony to focus on

   • Exaggeration epidemic

Bailey Porter:
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   • Student has carpentry in
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   • Some marry young
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   • Movie Review:
      No towel can save you
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Music Review:
      Conformists need not apply


   • Water polo takes fourth
      in SCIAC

Athletes recognized for
      good grades


Mr. ULV 2005 cancelled

Jennifer Kitzmann
Staff Writer

Mr. ULV will not be making it to the runway this year and will have to wait until next fall to compete in the men’s Miss America-style pageant.

“I had no idea that the Mr. ULV pageant was cancelled until last minute,” sophomore contestant Will Hawkins said.

Events like “Dunk a Hunk,” Dinner with the Candidates and Spot Light that would have preceded the Mr. ULV competition were cancelled also due to some challenges in putting the event together.  Read More

Posted May 6, 2005
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