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Public reaction divided on

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   • Grade inflation a concern
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 • OIT head earns top honor

IMRCD starts fresh with
      name, location change

   • National ID provides false

Nila Priyambodo:
      Playing favorites based
      on beauty

 LV Life

   • Hair salon integrates
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   • Students find hot spots
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 Arts, etc.

   • Movie Review:
      A 'Crash' course in movie

African rhythms amaze
      local tots


   • Softball receives SCIAC

Cross country chooses
      new coach


Forum e-mails for votes

Valerie Rojas
Editorial Director

In lieu of a general election, the Associated Student Federation Forum will allow University of La Verne students to vote in a referendum regarding the Forum’s new advocacy over activities stance via e-mail.

Students will have until May 18 to place their vote by replying to the e-mail that was sent to all ULV e-mail accounts Wednesday.

The e-mail asked students to vote on whether or not ASF should continue focusing on advocacy, giving all activity responsibilities to the Campus Activities Board, a process that began earlier this year.  Read More

Posted May 13, 2005
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