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Posted May 16, 2008

Jennifer Gilderman
Copy Editor
Susan Acker
Web Editor

Though the University of La Verne shuttered its Athens, Greece, campus in 2004, that chapter of the University’s life has not ended, as officials here are finding themselves embroiled in legal struggles stemming from the way in which the Athens campus was closed.

At present, there are at least five lawsuits pending against University officials, including suits brought forth by students, faculty and the former president of the ULV Athens campus.

“In a panic, many of the students filed lawsuits against the University because they feared they were not going to get their money back,” said former ULV Athens student Christiana Charitonos, who transferred to the main campus and still attends school here.

The faculty suits allege that ULV closed the Greek campus without giving faculty members the advance notice they were entitled to under their contracts. And the Greek campus’ former president, Craig Sexson, is suing ULV claiming the terms of his employment were breached, among other complaints.

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