La Verne Magazine
Vol. 21, No. 2
Spring 1997

"The Latino Community in La Verne: Struggle, Progress and Success"

The social struggles of former La Verne Barrio residents, for the most part, seem to have been transformed into the playful pranks of youngsters of the new generation. After a vigorous workout rollerblading, children of La Verne's Barrio engage in childhood wrestling. (L to R) Starting from far right: Being headlocked is Lorenzo Sosa, 12, by Philip Alejandre, 10. Watching (bottom right, clockwise) is Luis Ceja, 6, Carlos Alejandre, 15, and Raul Perez, 12. Perez's tennis shoes are painted with a red marker.

Photography by Starr Carroll

From the Editor

by Martha I. Fernandez

Today's Barrio: Rolling Through La Verne's Barrio

by Enedina Perez
photography by Starr Carroll

A Growing Future

by Jody P. Bethel

Mary Escandon: Earning Life One Memory at a Time

by Judy Polanco
photography by Shelby Wertz

Family Values South of the Tracks

by Judy Polanco

Segregation in the 1940's: 'The Train Tracks Divided the World'

by Christopher Braunstein
photography by Michael P. Bailey

'Mexicans on Fridays Only'

by Christopher Braunstein
photography by Michael P. Bailey

Bilingual Education: Diversity in the Classroom

by Johnny Hagerman
photography by Echelle Avelar

'No Se Habla Español'

by Jody P. Bethel

El Merendero and Los Jarritos: An Old-Fashioned Recipe for Success

by Martha I. Fernandez
photography by Amy M. Boyle

Robert Rodriguez: The Roots Run Deep

by Christie Reed
photography by Summer Herndon

The Hernandez Family: Building a Legacy Brick-by-Brick

by Christie Reed
photography by Jamie Bigornia

David A. Castañon: Playing With Fire

by Enedina Perez
photography by Rhidian Maehl

Marisa Vadi: How to Succeed at 17

by Brandi E. Baumeister
photography by Veero Der-Karabetian

Retracing their footsteps to a painful segregated moment in the past, Pete Morales and Angel Castellano recall the time when Latinos could not swim with the caucasian children at the Ganesha Park Pool. Latinos were forced to adhere to a "Mexicans only on Fridays" policy, while caucasians were allowed to swim all weekend.

Photography by Michael P. Bailey


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