La Verne Magazine
Vol. 28, No. 2
Summer 2004

After months of hard work and preparation, Sarah Davis, 20, Miss La Verne, beams as she takes a step closer to Miss America.

Photography by Jenna Campbell

From the Editor...

by Rebecca Cote

'The Pieces Never Leave Me'

by Rebecca Cote
photography by Sylvia Castellanos

Even the IRS Gives Top Dollar for a Maloof Masterpiece

by Rebecca Cooper Cote

Can You Hear Me Now?

by Jessica Rodriguez
photography by Sara Kirk

'It Is Not a Dying Art'

by Matt Paulson
photography by Gloria Diaz

The Fun Looms for Future Weavers

by Matt Paulson

Breaking Ground

by Amby Sarabia
photography by Jason Cortez

Celebrating dA's 20 Year Success

by Gloria Diaz
photography by Blanca Rocha

Saving Teachers From a 30-Day Notice

by Shelli DeRobertis
photography by Desiree Quintero

Miss La Verne: Beauty, Brains and Beyond

by Janah Valenzuela
photography by Jenna Campbell

LaKia Simms: Meeting the Miss La Verne 2003 Challenge

by Janah Valenzuela

Sarah Davis: Chili's and Periwinkle Made the Difference

by Janah Valenzuela

Pollution: Not the Fresh Air Solution

by Lori Waters
photography by Jessica Valerio

Wage Your War and Walk Away

by Max Zänker
photography by Adam Omernik

Making a Difference From the Glove to the Ring

by Jason Walker
photography by Sylvia Castellanos

Speaking Through Music

by Monique Jimenez
photography by Caroline Franke

Working the Fields

by Dustin Dolf
photography by Reina Santa Cruz

His body trembling from the recoil every time his little finger pulls the trigger, 9-year old Connor Johnson shoots a paintball marker for the first time at a paintball expo at the Huntington Beach pier.

Photography by Adam Omernik


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