La Verne Magazine
Summer 2005

Dick Landis: Music Multitasking

by Stephanie Duarte

All four current members of the quartet are double majors in music and something else. Is this a coincidence or tradition? According to Dick Landis, ULV trustee, his college experience wouldn’t have been complete without music. “It had always been a big part of my life,” says Landis. “I had always sung in choir, but I joined the quartet at La Verne for fun.”

Landis studied education while at La Verne, but later became the CEO for Del Monte Foods, Inc., and has since then developed the Landis Leadership Scholars Program, a program designed to develop leaders on campus. “At La Verne, I learned about music and leadership, but most importantly, I learned how to make things happen.”

Although he had never considered himself a shy person before joining The Collegiairs, Landis says that he was somewhat reserved. “Somehow, I always found myself to be the group spokesperson.”

Similarly, Nathan Lahr found the true leader in him through developing the La Verne Quartet and the Inconspicutones. “Music was definitely the catalyst that inspired me to put everything together,” Lahr says. “I knew the sound I wanted. Looking back, it really brought out the best in me.”