La Verne Magazine
Vol. 28, No. 1
Winter 2004

Dusk at the Islamic Center of Claremont signals the fifth and final call to prayer for the day. Along with the City of Knowledge madrassah one block away, the mosque serves a local muslim community that has swelled over the past decade.

Photography by Adam Omernik

From the Editor...

by Kenneth Todd Ruiz

Pillars of Faith

by Kenneth Todd Ruiz
photography by Adam Omernik

Out of the Ashes

by Rebecca Cooper Cote
photography by Amy Babin

Entering the Lost World

by Antonette Manabat
photography by Sylvia Castellanos

New Hope, New Lives

by Melissa Lau
photography by Amy Babin

My Neighbors, My Support

by Alejandra Molina
photography by Sylvia Castellanos

The Truth is Up There

by Tim Tevault
photography by Amy Babin

Keeping Kellogg’s Promise

by Chrissy Zehrbach
photography by Jenna Campbell

Her Story is Our History

by Amby Sarabia
photography by Reina Santa Cruz

A Name in Vain

by Amber McLaughlin
photography by Reina Santa Cruz

Ashamed to Be Among Us

by Gema Duarte
illustration by Kenneth Todd Ruiz

Police Academy: Mission La Verne

by Max Zänker
photography by Reina Santa Cruz

Birds of a More Colorful Feather

by Brian Ortega
photography by Jenna Campbell

Praying for peace, Aetherius Society members gather in sight of the exact spot where founder George King channeled otherworldly energies into Mt. Baldy.

Photography by Amy Babin


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