La Verne Magazine
Winter 2006

Finding the Road Less Traveled

by Bailey Porter

Locating local hikes in and around La Verne is like following a recipe for a three-layered cake with plenty of gooey goodness in between the layers to stimulate the experienced hiker and to inspire the newcomer. The first layer is Marshall Canyon trail. Several entrance trails lead to the main trail. The best entrance is trail center point off Esperanza Road, just before it meets with Golden Hills Road. There is no parking on the street, but there is residential parking nearby. Continuing north on the trail leads hikers to Claremont Hills Wilderness Park and its E.V. Canyon terminus at Mt. Baldy Road. Overlooking Marshall Canyon is the second layer of the cake, Sunset Peak. This trail never links to the Marshall Canyon trail but does go north to Glendora Mountain Road. The La Verne entrance to Sunset Peak is through the Golden Hills gated community. The topping on the cake is Mt. Baldy which can be reached from Mills or Padua avenues.