'My Space' captivates
quite an audience

Alexandra Lozano
Campus Times

With more than 13 million people’s profiles posted on Myspace.com, “Let me check my Myspace” is a common phrase heard throughout University of La Verne dorms and across the nation.

Myspace, like Live Journal, is a Web site where people can post up information about themselves.

Currently there are more than 600 University of La Verne students on Myspace – nearly half of the school’s population.

Myspace has gained so much popularity within the last year that there are thousands of new people on Myspace every day.

“I usually don’t talk to people I see every day,” said sophomore and political science major Lauren Moon, who uses it to get in touch with people that she has lost touch with over the years.

Moon has only had her Myspace account for about a month and enjoys “...the little comments that make you laugh when you really need it.”

“For certain purpose it’s pretty useful,” Moon said, “like the bulletins.”

Though Myspace has captivated millions of people, some people are less than impressed.

“I think it’s another way for society to conform its youth,” said political science major Jasmine Carrillo, who believes that instead of promoting communication skills, Myspace lessens them. “It takes away from everyday life.”

“I just don’t have any interest in it,” said 20-year-old psychology major Rebecca Villalbando.

Valerie Shather, a 20-year-old psychology major, doesn’t use Myspace either.

“I don’t use it because I don’t have the time,” said Shather, who sees Myspace as being similar to previous Web sites of its kind.

Associate professor of sociology Ernie Thomson agrees that there are many Web sites similar to Myspace, and that new ones come out every couple of years.

“I don’t think one technology replaces another,” Thomson said, “It just gets added on.”

Each Myspace account profile allows members to share their thoughts and interest with others. There’s a section of general interest including Music, books, movies, heroes, Myspace groups and personal blogs, which are often used as diary entries. Myspace also allows its members to upload up to 10 pictures in their own personal picture profile.

Myspace also offers Myspace Music, a section for artists to display their music and create their band homepages.

Alexandra Lozano can be reached at himelozano@juno.com.


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Posted April 20, 2005
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