Students try to look good for summer months

Sarah Weaver
Staff Writer

Summer is moving in and University of La Verne students are feeling the heat.  With the weather getting warmer, the clothes are getting skimpier and students want to shed their winter pounds.

“I’ve been trying to get in shape for two years now,” sophomore marketing major Conor O’Brien said.  “I’m lifting weights and dieting.”

Dieting is the most common form of weight loss, but deciding which diet to choose could be confusing.  Should you choose low carb or low fat?  Should you exercise or take diet pills or both?  Should you only eat once a day or lots of little meals a day?  Basically, it all comes down to your body type and personal preference. 

“I’m eating baked lays and fat-free yogurt,” freshman biology major Nora Parker said.  “I also try to take brisk walks daily.”

Everyone has a different strategy on the best way to lose weight. 

“I’m trying to get fit for summer,” senior art major Jaclyn Ly said.  “I go to the gym and I’m vegetarian.  I only eat wheat stuff.”

The fitness craze is being drilled into Americans’ heads, Oprah and Dr. Phil are doing weight loss challenges, magazines feature quick ways to get in shape and diet pills are advertised everywhere.   Even the food network has weight loss programs and diet shows.  Marketers seem to target college-age people and getting fit for summer is definitely on the minds of ULV students.

“Fitness is important but you don’t need to be obsessed with it, you just need to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Parker said. 

Kevin Holland, a photography instructor at ULV works out 14 hours a week year round. 

“I’m staying in shape so that I can continue to compete in bike races over the summer,” Holland said.

A common opinion about exercise is that it makes you feel better.

“I love the feeling I get after a good workout, being fit just feels good,” O’Brien said.

“Working out makes me more energetic and I don’t feel as crappy,” Ly said.

On the flip side, some people just don’t have time to worry about the way they look.

“I’m not really trying to get in shape,” sophomore English major Eve Songdej said.  “I’m too busy with school and finals to care.  Once school ends I’m going to try to run three times a week.”

Living on campus makes it hard to have a healthy diet with the limited food choices.

“I try to watch what I eat but it’s not a strict diet, it’s called Davenport,” Songdej said. 

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Students try to look good for summer months

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Posted May 18, 2005
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